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Polyx-Oil Original.

Polyx Harwood Oil Tints

Polyx Harwood Oil Rapid

Wood Wax Extra Thin

Wood Wax Finish Transparent

Polyx Harwood Oil Pure

Top Oil

Door Oil

Opti Set

Wood Protector

Wash and Care


Industrial Wood Wax Finish

Wood Wax Finish Creativ

Liquid Wax Cleaner


Wood Oils

UV Protection Oil

UV Prot. Oil Extra

Fence/Garden Stain

One Coat Only Plus

Natural Oil Woodstain

Natural Oil Woodstain Effect

Country Colour

Opaque Gloss Wood Stain

WR Base Coat Aqua

Anti-Slip Decking Oil


Company Profile

Barretts Leisure, the parent company, started life over 40 years ago as a family run nursery.

A leisure centre was developed over 30 years ago, at the same time we began making our own sheds in a barn, many of which are still standing today.

As time progressed we gave up manufacturing and concentrated on selling quality products, giving our customers as large a choice as possible at an affordable price.

Barretts have been trading successfully with Osmo Natural wood finished for many years.

Barretts have a good reputation nationally with many orders received by recommendation.

We offer many other quality garden buildings and deal with UK national and overseas companies and many smaller family run firms.

Quality is our motto. All our suppliers have to satisfy our high standards, before we will trade with them.

Where possible, we like to show the finished price, in the belief that our customers would prefer to know the 'Bottom Line' price. So beware of the so called BARGAINS which may have hidden EXTRAS, can be structurally weak or contain lower grade materials.

We sell a much larger selection of products than we show on our site at present. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please email us with your requirements.

If you have any comments or ideas that you feel would improve our site, then please email them to us.

Thank you for your time, we hope you enjoy your visit and find what you are looking for and look forward to seeing you again in the near future. 




Barretts Leisure Ltd., 347 Leverington Common, Leverington, Wisbech, Cambs. PE13 5JR. Phone: 01945 410 361 Company No.27017
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