Easy Application

With the Osmo Natural Bristle Brush or the Osmo Microfibre Roller you can apply a thin and even layer along the wood grain in a well ventilated area, it is recommended that you do a small test area which will show you the quality of the wood surface structure.

Professional Application.

If using a buffer machine the best way is to spread the product with a scraper and leave for approximately 30-60 minutes, this allows the oil to penetrate the wood surface.

Then start buffing with the machine spreading the finish evenly across the surface area, If the machine starts to leave streaks it could be due to over-application of the product turning the pad over or replacing it can solve this issue.

Applying a colour.
It must be onto a dry clean surface spreading a thin even layer along the wood grain and allowing to dry depending on the product the drying time may be 12 hours but it highly recommended to leave for at least 24 hours if applying a second coat.

By having a longer drying time it ensures that the pigments have hardened and you will have an intensity of colour during application of the next coat.

If colouring a flooring it is best to apply a clear coat of Osmo Polyx®-Oil as your final coat onto the dry surface and apply thinly and evenly along the wood grain.

Always work with and along the wood's grain to ensure best results and the surface should feel smooth along the grain and blunt across the grain.